Inspired by Mucha

This image was inspired by Mucha, one of my favorite artists. Funny thing - I hung out in his hometown Brno, Czech Republic for a summer! that was cool.


Sketch Books

Making a series of sketch books to sell. Here is the second one I created. I will take a proper photo soon, I was just excited and wanted to show it off!
The cool thing about this booklet is that the cover pages have seeds in them so if you plant the paper flowers will grow.

After Caravaggio

Drawing inspired by Caravaggio.


Fedora Upside-Down Festival

Hey!!!! Managed to find some photos of my swans from the F-U Festival last Saturday. I worked with Kosa Kolektive who developed the concept of the forest. Look closely and you will see the flamingo :)


Sketch For New Project

I am planning on creating a sculpture illustration of the Garden of Eden. I'm about 9% finished and 100% excited which puts me at a 109% advantage.


I will be displaying my animals for the Fedora - Upside Down Festival!!! I hope everyone can come out and support Toronto's incredibly talented artists and musicians!



I went to York for about two years or so and would submit comics to the Uni newspaper The Excalibur. It was great having my work published. Here is a one panel comic called "Too Big".


Nuit Blanche

Despite the fact I was very sick and sniffly last night I went out and displayed my animals anyways. And they loved it. Especially Ms. Octopus. But she always wants to party. The Swans, they like their alone time.

This is the beginning of something that will grow much bigger.